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Sinocompound appoints catalysis expert to oversee technical support in Europe and North America

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Carin Seechurn


Sinocompound is committed to providing superior technical support for their customers and has recently appointed the catalysis expert, Dr Carin Seechurn, as Technical Advisor.  Dr Seechurn will be instrumental in the provision of technical support to customers in the European and North American regions as well executing marketing strategies to help grow the business in these regions.


Dr Seechurn obtained her MChem with French degree from U.M.I.S.T (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) in 2003, including one year spent at C.P.E. in Lyon. She then matriculated at the University of Cambridge for doctorate studies in synthetic organic chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Gaunt. She graduated in 2007, having studied novel organocatalytic transformations and then spent 18 months as a post-doctoral research associate, also with Prof. Gaunt, to explore new metal-catalysed reactions.


In 2008, Dr Seechurn joined Johnson Matthey in the homogeneous catalysis team, working on the development of new organometallic compounds as catalysts for organic synthesis, including their scale-up and commercialization.  In 2019, Dr Seechurn became Lead Scientist in the homogeneous catalysis group. She and her team developed new preformed metal catalysts from R&D through to commercialization, carried out process development and tech transfers of existing products and provided technical support to customers.


“I am honoured to join Sinocompound as Technical Advisor. I have spent many years in the arena of homogeneous catalysis, and I believe Sinocompound has taken a different approach to catalyst and ligand manufacturing that will enable us to support our customers in accelerating their products to the market. Sinocompound has developed a proven process to carry out rapid process optimisation and scale-up, and consists of a world-class R&D team who makes it all happen. I am very impressed by what I have seen of Sinocompound, on all levels, and I am proud to support Sinocompound on its mission. I look forward to working with the company’s R&D team and management, but most importantly their customers.”


Dr Seechurn is first author of several peer reviewed research articles, book chapters and review articles, including co-editor of the recently published Wiley book “Organometallic Chemistry in Industry – a Practical Approach”.  She is the recipient of the 2020 RSC Applied Catalysis Award.