Catalyst screening services : Overcome complex chemistry
Chemical development is complex, time consuming, and costly. In collaboration with InCatT, Sinocompound has launched a specialist Catalyst Screening Service for pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies looking to optimize their reactions. The service combines InCatT’s extensive experience in screening homogeneous catalysts with Sinocompound’s expertise in custom synthesis, scale-up and manufacturing of advanced catalysts and ligands. Customers will benefit from an accelerated development process which will reduce their time to market.
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Accelerate the identification of optimal catalyst and reaction conditions for your desired transformation

  • ● Access to an extensive library of ligands and catalysts, including the possibility of custom synthesized ones.
  • ● Services ranging from standard catalyst/reaction conditions screening all the way through to proof-of-concept projects.
  • ● Access to advanced screening equipment allows for rapid results, providing you with an optimal set of reaction conditions to move straight into scale-up.
  • ● Frequent and efficient communication is our priority, enabling us to act as your extended R&D arm.
  • ● Fully tailor-made project proposals based on your objectives and specific requirements.
  • ● Reactions optimized to be robust, reproducible and cost-efficient.
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Custom synthesis

Expand your catalysis options for process development and scale-up and realize cost and process optimizations via our custom synthesis services for delivery of commercial quantities within a 16-week timeline[1]

[1]Based on past projects

Sinocompound has an established team of metal catalyst and ligands experts who can form a partnership with you to help you find solutions to challenging chemistry and speed-up your route to market.
With over 800 global customers served to date, our process has been developed with speed and reliability at its core.

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