SC synthesis services: Speed up your program
Speed is a critical factor in chemical development – and the journey to be first to market is one that is full of complexities that often impact project timelines and budget. Our SC synthesis services are designed to help progress novel chemistry and advanced technology to the next phase, thereby eliminating the need for considering alternative routes and impacting project velocity. Not only can we undertake the development of previously reported ligands or catalysts, but we can also help you evaluate the entire chemical space for your reaction by synthesising completely novel materials (chemistry allowing).
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Expand your catalysis options for process development and scale-up

Our SC synthesis services are structured to ensure delivery of commercial quantities within a 16-week timeline* – helping you to accelerate to the next phase of your program.


● Our services enable you to choose the catalyst or ligand for your project based on best performance, not based on current commercial availability.


● Expand your technology portfolio by working with us to explore new chemical space and develop new catalyst and ligand derivatives.


● Our proven speed of scale-up removes the often rate limiting step of accessing certain catalysts or ligands in the larger quantities required to progress your project.


For more information on how our custom synthesis service can help you expedite your drug development program, speak to a technical advisor today.


* Based on past performance.

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Catalyst screening

Accelerate the identification of the optimal catalyst and reaction conditions for your desired transformation and optimize costs and efficiencies by utilizing our catalyst screening service.

Sinocompound has an established team of metal catalyst and ligands experts who can form a partnership with you to help you find solutions to challenging chemistry and speed-up your route to market.
With over 800 global customers served to date, our process has been developed with speed and reliability at its core.

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